A Collaborative Art Zine.

Dear friends,

I'd like to produce a collaborative, special edition art zine featuring a collection of artists & artworks.

The theme is DISSENT, and submissions are now open to artists of all types. 

Visual art, illustration, photography, poetry, and short form writings, are all acceptable mediums for participation (though this list is incomplete, and we're willing to consider work of other types as well).  


Submissions can be emailed to DISSENTZINE@gmail.com, or by clicking here. Images must be high-resolution, 300dpi, JPG files.

Further information:

The DISSENT zine will be a not-for-profit undertaking.  In order to cover the costs of production, physical zines (full-color, 8x11, magazine size) will be available for purchase at a trivial sum (between $4 and $10).  Digital zines will be made available for free.  100 percent of the money generated beyond the cost of production & shipping will be donated to a charity decided upon by popular vote, in a vote cast between participating artists.  

Likewise, social equality (in all forms; gender, racial, and economic) is of paramount importance to this publication, and the DISSENT zine will conduct itself in all aspects according to this ideal.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach us via email, HERE.

We may not be able to respond to or accommodate every submission, but we thank you for your interest.  

With kindness,

- Indiana Jones the Savage, and co.

Smash the oligarchy.  Eat the rich.